Ligers In The Wild

When talking about ligers, you probably only think of these animals in captivity. Ligers can be seen in various zoo, around the world, these big cats impressing with their size, but also with their beauty. Until today, there have been registered no cases of ligers into the wild, but no one can tell for sure … Read more

The Diet Of A Liger

Ligers are absolutely impressive big cats. Well, these cats weight more than 1000 pounds, so they surely need a lot of food. Ligers commonly eat about 30 pounds of raw meat on daily basis. According to some statements, there are cases in which ligers consumed even 50 pounds of meat a day. So, individuals from … Read more

The Breeding Of Ligers

Ligers are without a doubt fascinating animals. They are the biggest cats in the world, ligers impressing with both their beauty and their dimensions. There are many ligers that can be visited nowadays in zoos from all over the world. However, even though they are cute, friendly animals, there are many issues linked to ligers … Read more