5 Amazing Hybrid Animals

Ligers, tigons or grolar bears are just some of the most spectacular hybrid animals in the world. Actually, there are numerous such amazing species, impressing with both their characteristics and their looks. Below you can find a top of the most impressive hybrid animals that exist nowadays.

1. Ligers and tigons

Both ligers and tigons are spectacular animals. They surely are the most popular known among hybrid animals, so they deserve the first place on this top. Ligers are crossbreds between male lions and female tigers. Tigons, on the other hand, are crossbreds between male tigers and female lions. Ligers are the world’s largest cats.


2. Wolf dogs

Wolf dogs are almost as popular as ligers. They are crossbreed freely, being formed by matting dogs and wolves. Wolf dogs are usually stronger animals than dogs, being spectacularly beautiful. These dogs need serious training to become obedient. Wolves are not social animals, so wolf dogs can inherit their behavior. 


3. Grolars

A grolar, also known as pizzly, is a hybrid between a grizzly bear and a polar bear. The two species are considered to be genetically similar, but they do not get along very well into the wild. 2006 is the year when the first grolar bear was found into the wild, until than the species being only seen in zoos.


4. Leopons

A leopon is a hybrid animal formed by crossbreeding a male leopard and a female lion. The animal inherits characteristics from both parents, having the head of a lion and the rest of the body similar to the one of a leopard. Leopons are usually larger than leopards. They love water and they like to climb.


5. Wolphins

A wolphin is the rarest hybrid in the world. It is formed by the cross of a bottlenose dolphin and a false killer whale. Only two animals representing the species are known to exist today. They can be found in captivity at the Sea Life Park, in Hawaii. The species characteristics can intermediate between the ones of its parents. 


Besides the top 5 hybrid animals aforementioned, li-ligers, ti-ligers, ti-tigons and li-tigons also have to be included into a top of the most spectacular hybrids in the world. These are hybrids among the hybrids. It means that such species are formed by crossbreeding tigons and lions.