Why Ligers Are Bigger Than Tigons

Ligers and tigons are two of the most impressive and most ferocious cat species in the world. Even though they are crossbred, these felines are impressive and stand out due to their amazing sizes. In fact, the liger is the biggest living cat in the world, simply dwarfing both tigers and lions in size and … Read more

Ligers In USA

USA has the largest numbers of ligers than any other country in the world and also the highest number of tigers in captivity compared to the tigers in any other country and even in the wild. In USA are over 15000 tigers, 10,000 lions and more 20,000 other big cat species, including ligers. Source In … Read more

Amazing Facts About Ligers

Ligers are the biggest cats in the world. They are the result of cross breeding two different species: lions and tigers. Actually, a liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger. Currently, cross breeding does not occur into the wild, as these two species do not live in the same … Read more