Why Ligers Are Bigger Than Tigons

Ligers and tigons are two of the most impressive and most ferocious cat species in the world. Even though they are crossbred, these felines are impressive and stand out due to their amazing sizes. In fact, the liger is the biggest living cat in the world, simply dwarfing both tigers and lions in size and … Read more

Ligers – Inspiration For Logos And Companies

Ligers are the biggest cats in the world, even bigger than lions. Step by step, they tend to symbolize power and courage and maybe soon, their image will replace that of lions’. Ligers are a cross between a lion and a tigress, holding the features of his both parents. Source Although these animals have always … Read more

Liger Products

Ligers are amazing animals. Even though their existence is debated, we cannot deny their beauty. These animals are the biggest cats today and they are lovely. There are a lot of people that want to admire them at the zoo, so they are also very popular. Thus, there’s no wonder why there are many products … Read more