Continuous Mixed Feeling On Ligers

The controversial debates which have been raised on the issue of ligers have not yet ceased to exit. Although new cub ligers have been born in zoos and even liligers and other deviations, the matter still is under question in numerous states.


The first issue that surface on the subject took place in 2010. Then, in a zoo in Taiwan, three cub ligers were born. One died at birth, while the other two siblings were staked out for a major sale. This was an illegal action, just as breeding two different species, which are rare or protected, continues to be in Taiwan. At that point, the side was taken with the Taiwanese government, that confiscated the two cubs, and which stated the fact that the breeding was illegal and intentional for the creation of cubs that would sell at a great price. More to this, considering the fact that lions and tigers do not mate in nature, since they do not have the same habitat, it was unnatural for these cubs to be born and it was a planned situation.

As the trigger of the whole controversy on ligers, this story took out a lot of supportive attitude on the matter. However, things changed in the moment when more ligers started to surface in zoos around the world. Lack of space and mixing the felines were just some of the reasons prompted by zoo keepers trying to absolve themselves from looking like they got the felines together on purpose for them to breed and to create new and unique cubs that would make their zoo more attractive. Hercules, the largest liger and feline in the world, is the best example of this case, in which the issues of the ligers turned into an instant success, because people wanted to see animal curiosities.


Therefore, depending on the point from which the issue is seen, the controversy is on or not. Scientists and people of the domain mostly side with the fact that these species may be problematic, however the chance that they can see them and study them is great as well. For the public, these new felines are the main attraction. So, at the the end of the day, the controversial issue is still standing!