Ligers 101

Despite what many people think, ligers are not mythical creatures and they do in fact exist. They have been purposely bred after a long list of combinations of animals that didn’t end up working out well for scientists. Even though this animal may look a little bit on the strange side, it has the killer predatory instincts of both animals that were used to make this one. The liger is the result of a male tiger mating with a female lion and it is one of the first very successful hybrid animals in years according to those who were responsible for coming up with the idea years ago.

This animal has the stripes of a tiger and also hair around the neck which is consistent with a lion’s mane. The liger is one of the largest animals from the cat family in the entire world and has impressive strength as well as speed when it is in the open. It is able to catch even the fastest most savvy of animals which it considers as its prey. Scientists have said that the imprinted genes in this animal are what make it so large and because of the two animals which mate to create it. Though you won’t see many ligers in zoos across the country, they are released into the wild or kept in captivity somewhere they will be safe and free from poachers who are looking to kill it for profit.