Ligers and Tigons

Ligers and Tigons are hybrid animals who share common features of both their parents. Stated a little differently, some are born bearing a more strong resemblance to lion while others are born displaying strong characteristics of their tiger heritage. And, their vocabulary will be a mixture of both tiger and lion sounds, for instance, they typically chuff the way tigers do but have the roar of a lion minus the usual lion grunt at the end. Because the mating process happens much easier, liger hybrids are much more common.

In addition to all that, ligers and tigons grow at a much faster pace than either parent. Liger hybrids will have stripes that have been inherited from its tiger parent and spots that have been inherited from its lion parent. The bellies of both male and female ligers are spotted and their backs are striped. And they inherit their strength and size from both parents, growing to be the largest cats in the world, standing at 12 feet tall on their hind legs and weighing up to 1,000 pounds.

Nowadays, the interest is more-so in ligers than in tigons. The main reason is that tigon hybrids do not arrive at the same impressive size that ligers reach. Size and appearance are based on which subspecies are bred together. The reason being is that the tigress is smaller. Oftentimes the cubs will be stillborn or born prematurely simply because there is not enough space in the womb for the tigon to develop further. Tigons are extremely rare and you'll only find a few existing hybrids in the world. Needless to say, ligers and tigons are