Liligers – Kiara Adopted By A Cat

The news that the first liliger in the world was born in September, 2012, in a zoo in Russia has definitely reached the whole world. Kiara, who was born at Novosibirsk Zoo, is believed to be the only liliger in the universe. The cub was born to a lion dad and a liger mom.


Kiara’s father is an African lion, while her mom is a liger, Zita. Zita took care of her cub at first, but it seems that the female liger hadn’t enough milk to feed her unique baby. This is why vets decided to take Kiara away from her mother. Soon after that, the cub was adopted by a household cat. 

So, even though Kiara was taken away from her mom, she was not alone for long. Zoo employees who take care of Kiara say that she will become a strong confident animal. She already looks strong, perfectly bounding with the cat who replaces her mom.

Kiara is very cute, having tiger stripes on her forehead. At the moment, Kiara looks exactly like a lion cub, but while growing the liliger will most likely have more tiger’s features than lion’s. Kiara will probably be able to reproduce when fully grown.

Immediately after her birth, Kiara experienced some health problems, but the cute cub is fine now. The liliger is happy and beautiful. And since she started to grow and develop, Kiara will begin to receive visitors. It seems that visitors will be able to see Kiara at Novosibirsk Zoo starting with October.


Ligers are the result of mating a male lion with a female tiger. Ligers are born in captivity, as lion and tiger populations do not live in the same environment into the wild. Their behavior mechanisms makes the matting of these two species impossible in nature. Into the wild a tiger who tries to get near a female lion will most likely be chased away by the other lions. However, this aspect completely changes when it comes to captivity. 

Lions and tigers can breed in captivity and this is how ligers are born. Liligers are even rarer than ligers. In fact, liligers are sometimes considered to be miracles as many female ligers are infertile. The fact that Kiara was born is actually an amazing event. Male tigons and ligers are sterile.