Ligers Can Still Amaze Us

There are numerous species of animals all over the world, but there are some that really amaze us. Such animals are ligers. They are part lions and part tigers and that is what makes them very special. Although ligers may seem a curious species, there is no wonder that ligers have been formed as both … Read more

Ligers are one of nature’s miracle

Man has tried several times to improve breed and the liger is the hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tigress. The similar case of it is the tiglon. Inheriting the features from their parents, the ligers are the biggest cats and an active ones, too. The common characteristic that has it with … Read more

Ligers 101

Despite what many people think, ligers are not mythical creatures and they do in fact exist. They have been purposely bred after a long list of combinations of animals that didn’t end up working out well for scientists. Even though this animal may look a little bit on the strange side, it has the killer … Read more