The Diet Of A Liger

Ligers are absolutely impressive big cats. Well, these cats weight more than 1000 pounds, so they surely need a lot of food. Ligers commonly eat about 30 pounds of raw meat on daily basis. According to some statements, there are cases in which ligers consumed even 50 pounds of meat a day. So, individuals from this species can eat between 30 and 50 pounds of meat each day.

Here is a video on a liger eating his meal:

Ligers could eat 100 pounds of flesh in the wild, but in captivity their diet is limited to around 25 to 30 pounds of meat. So, eating such a huge quantity of meat is considered to be unhealthy for a liger, this is why the intake amount is limited by keepers. Unhealthy feeding will make a liger fat and obese, in the most severe cases actually leading to the death of the animal. So, several studies have shown that over-feeding is extremely dangerous for a liger.

When it comes to the foods that can be included into their diet it seems that ligers prefer beef, as well as elk and venison. Still, any meat could work, including pork and fish. And that is not all. Ligers also love to drink milk, like all cats, so this beverage needs to be included into their diet, as well. Besides milk, ligers consume a great quantity of water, too. In a single day, a liger needs no less than one gallon of water.