Ti-Ligers are the off-spring of a male tiger and a female liger. Ti-Liger’s name comes from comprising first part of male parent’s name followed by the original hybrid name. They are rare and beautiful animals, with interesting features.


Ti-Ligers Description

1. Ti-Ligers have a base orange colour, inner and white legs, chest and cheeks. Their head is narrow, just like a lion. The body is slim, featuring broken black striping, large misshapen ovals and many conjoined stripes.

2. Ti-Ligers can also have black blotching and spotting around their head, face and their tail also has conjoined stripes.

3. Ti-Ligers are very rare. Thus, they have private ownership within behavioural studies programme. These creatures have amazing and unusual striping that displays spots.


4. These impressive animals are 75% tiger and only 25% lion, so they resemble tigers more. Ti-Ligers are carnivorous and live in captivity. Even since they are cubs, ti-ligers feature smudged stripes on their body, this being one of the signs that they are not tigers entirely.

Crossbreeding and Law

Ti-Ligers are amazing animals, but there are people who want to put a stop to crossbreeding which, in their opinion, is unethical. There are many individuals who have signed petitions related to this this problem, so crossbreeding is a very debated and controversial topic.


The concept of crossbreeding has been discussed in Asia and in many other parts of the world. In 2011, in the USA were initiated many petitions and debates to make crossbreeding illegal. An important document – The Endangered Species Act was created, but it still has many loopholes that make possible for people to usurp the law. Therefore, this problem should be solved, but it’s not clearly when it will happen.